Topic outline

  • Speech

    Speech is a one semester class.  Students will become familiar with elements of good communication, speech writing and organization, types of speeches and presentation styles.  Students should be prepared to give a LOT of speeches!

  • This topic

    Drama I

    Drama I is a year long course that will introduce students to the theatre.  Students will learn theatre terminology and concepts, theatre history and genre, acting techniques, warm-up activities, and theatre jobs.  Students will also be required to participate in public performances including but not limited to the CHS Variety Show and The CHS Fine Arts Festival Living Wax Museum.

    • Drama II

      Drama II involves advanced acting opportunities as well as introduction to elements of musical theatre.  Students will be required to participate in all aspects of theatre production including acting, techie work, pre-production work and post-production activies and feedback.

      • Stage Productions

        Stage Productions students will participate in public productions as well as assist with drama I and drama II productions as techies.  Students are expected to know and understand all elements of theatre production.

        • Sociology/Social Issues

          Sociology is offered first semester only.  Sociology is an introduction course that focuses on basic concepts of sociology.  Sociology is the study of human behavior in group settings.

          Sociol Issues is offered second semester only.  Social Issues includes units on demography, social stratification, and inequality (race, ethnicity, age, and gender).   

          • Middle School Acting Class

            Acting Class is a basic introductory to acting course for middle school students.  This twelve-week course will include basic theatre terms and vocabulary, acting warm-up games, participation exercises, stage techniques, body positions, stage directions, theatre jobs and performance elements.

            • Conference Period

              Sixth Hour (1:26 - 2:15)
              Contact Information:  (989) 386-7789 ext. 2321  (School)
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